Pack: 8+8 bottles (16x500ml)


Combined box: 8+8 bottles, choose your favourite flavours.

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Benefits and problems

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8 units of 500 ml of flavour A and 8 units of 500 ml of flavour B (2,5€ o 2,75€  depending on selected product). Product description can be seen on full boxes.

Aqua it’s the most traditional recipe for water kefir. Rehydrating and brutal energy booster.

How do we prepare this drink?

It is made dissolving in water: cane sugar*, date syrup*, lemon juice concentrate*, natural lemon flavor and probiotic cultures that consume the sugars to grow (strains of the genera Lactococcus, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium). *ingredients from organic farming.

Lightly carbonated (naturally produced during elaboration).

Why does it has sugar?

Sugar is kefir’s food, disappears while it grows and in the final drink is under 2%. One bottle of 500ml has less than 40kcl.

Living beverage, it is not pasteurized: it contains 100 million CFU (1×108) per ml of soda at the time of bottling..

IDEAL for athletes and continuous feeling of fatigue.

If you drink prokey regularly for 7-10 days ,you will see their results.

You can read in our label the nutritional facts of this drink.

Prokey, refresco de kefir de agua probiótico bio
Prokey, refresco de kefir de agua probiótico bio
Prokey, refresco de kefir de agua probiótico bio


PROKEY is a fermented drink. Together with beer and wine, human consumption of fermented products includes cheese, processed meat, like sausages or “chorizo”, or table olives among others.

Because kefir’s cultures nature, which is a mixture of lactic bacteria, acetic bacteria and yeast, the elaboration of PROKEY is considered to be half way from yoghurt and beer/wine processes.

In order to grow kefir cultures in our drink, proper nourishment is essential. For PROKEY we use both sugar and dates. Kefir not only consumes the sugar but also abundant nutrients provided by dates. During this process, organic acids and several other compounds are generated (learn more). This method takes place in stainless steel tanks, which are similar to those used in beer fermentation.

PROKEY is then the final result of both a fermentation process, a delicious and refreshing organic drink filled with healthy compounds, live probiotic microorganisms and low in calories due to kefir sugar consumption for its own growth.

We use organic certified ingredients so our drink is certified organic too. AQUA flavour is produced using lemon, which is added to the mixture, giving our drink an outstanding, and an all-day-long refreshing taste. Later on, we can add all sorts of pure fruit juice or infusions to obtain several different flavours such as Prokey MINT&GINGER.






Ginger and Mint


“Lo uso a diario y noto mejoras claras en la digestión y rehidratación”

“lo descubrí de la mano de un par de compañeros y después de informarme hoy es el día que lo uso a diario. Es mi sustituto de los refrescos más comerciales que no son saludables. Lo uso a media tarde y he notado mejoras claras en los procesos digestivos y en la hidratación a media tarde.

Manu García

Jugador Deportivo Alavés

“Prokey significa un sistema digestivo sano y ayuda a mejorar el sistema inmune.”

“Toda la vida he insistido en mis pacientes, amigos y familiares la importancia de una flora intestinal sana. Descubrir Prokey fué un alivio ya que es muy sencillo incluirlo en mi dieta habitual y la de mis pacientes. El resultado es una flora intestinal sana y un sistema inmunológico reforzado.”

Marta Mato

Coach Nutricional

“Perfecta para rehidratarse y remineralizarse. ¡Me gustan todos los sabores!”

“Desde que probé prokey no he dejado de tomarlo ningún día. Me encantan todos sus sabores. Además es una bebida probiótica que va genial para regular el tránsito intestinal y es perfecta para hidratarse y remineralizarse después de la actividad física.”

Martina Ferrer

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