Prokey Mango (18x400ml)




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Organic soft drink made from water kefir with mango flavor. Expiration date: 1 year stored cold (at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees) Stabilized with HPP to increase its useful life. Tasting:
  • Color: Soft yellow tone with translucent nuances.
  • Smell: Tropical notes with a touch of citrus freshness.
  • Flavor: Sweet and refreshing with the distinctive flavor of mango and an undertone of kefir.

Benefits and problems


Do you feel identified with some of this phrases…?


Box of 18 units of 400 ml of Prokey Lima – Lemon


It contains live bacteria that contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora and enhance the immune system.

rehydrates and contains minerals

Water kefir is an isotonic drink ideal for thirsty situations and a complement to sports.

Low in calories

It has less than 2g of sugar per 100ml. It is much less than a conventional isotonic soft drink and still tastes delicious.

Improves intestinal flora

Lactic acid bacteria can influence the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines, weapons of the immune system.

Improves intestinal flora

It contains polysaccharides that stimulate the immune system.

Control cholesterol

It inhibits the uptake of exogenous cholesterol and suppresses the reabsorption of bile by enzymatic deconjugation of bile salts.

Without lactose

Suitable for vegans

without gluten

no chemicals

low in sugar

A traditional recipe updated with fresh flavors

As elaborated?

This drink is made by dissolving these ingredients from organic farming in water: cane sugar*, concentrated lemon juice*, date puree*, matcha tea powder and probiotic cultures that consume the sugars to grow (strains of the Lactococcus genera , Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium).

This kefir is stabilized by HPP, maintaining a smooth and fresh flavor for a very long time without the need for a refrigerator. Plus they don’t have gas.

Why does it have sugar?
Sugar is the food of kefir cultures, it disappears before packaging. The soft drink contains less than 2% sugar and a 400 ml bottle has less than 70 kilocalories.

IDEAL for athletes and feelings of continuous fatigue.

If you are consistent and take Prokey for 7-10 days you will notice its results.

On our label you can see the nutritional characteristics of our soft drink.


PROKEY is a fermented drink. You should not be scared by the word fermentation, we consume many fermented foods such as cheese, many sausages or olives. Beer and wine are also fermented foods.

The preparation of PROKEY water kefir soft drink is halfway between that of yogurt and that of beer or wine since the probiotic cultures in kefir are a mixture of lactic acid, acetic bacteria and yeasts. For the kefir culture to grow in PROKEY it is necessary to feed it correctly. At PROKEY we make it with sugar and dates. Kefir uses up the sugar and many nutrients in dates and generates organic acids and many other compounds (see more). We carry out this process in stainless steel tanks similar to beer fermenters.

This is what the fermentation process consists of. The end result is PROKEY, a delicious organic soft drink full of healthy compounds and live probiotic microorganisms, very low in calories and almost sugar-free since kefir has consumed it.

We use certified organic ingredients so our soft drink is also organic. To get our AQUA flavor we use lemon, which we add to the mixture during and releases its essence into the soda throughout the process. It gives a very special touch to the flavor of PROKEY. Later we can add infusions or fruit juices to obtain different flavors such as PROKEY GINGER&MINT.






Ginger and mint


Manu García

“Prokey significa un sistema digestivo sano y ayuda a mejorar el sistema inmune.”

“Toda la vida he insistido en mis pacientes, amigos y familiares la importancia de una flora intestinal sana. Descubrir Prokey fué un alivio ya que es muy sencillo incluirlo en mi dieta habitual y la de mis pacientes. El resultado es una flora intestinal sana y un sistema inmunológico reforzado.”

Marta Mato

“Perfecta para rehidratarse y remineralizarse. ¡Me gustan todos los sabores!”

Martina Ferrer


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